Monday, July 03, 2006

Album of the Month -- "Self-Propelled" by Bright Channel

"Self-Propelled, Bright Channel's new, home-recorded full-length, not only outshines the group's Steve Albini-produced debut, but...obliterate[s] borders between shoegazer, stoner rock and the realms of perception and death itself."
--Jason Heller, Westword, February 23, 2006

Rock / Indie / Shoegaze

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Anonymous JR Kirkaldie said...

Hey jackass I am in Fort Lupton for dead turkey celebration day (you wussy veg head)...hope you have a good weekend ...I may seriously try to drive over for the 15th show...take care of the better half...and get some sun for gods sake...

JR (You can just call me King Ranger the magnificent)

11:42 PM  

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