Wednesday, August 27, 2008

KRFC will be blogging from the DNC tomorrow

Former CheezTones bandmate, Jim Cullom, scored me a ticket for Obama's acceptance speech on Thursday. I will attempt to limit posts to musician sightings. Rumored performers have included Willie Nelson, Kayne West, and Bruce Springsteen, whose "handlers haven't denied the reports that the Boss will play Invesco Field after Obama's speech" acoustically. The Denver Post also reported that "Bon Jovi has no plans--and never had any plans--to come to Colorado during the [DNC, an] artists representative said Tuesday afternoon." I'm not a hater, but that news isn't tearing me up.

(I've been told mobile posts look like hell because text is uploaded using the screen parameters on your device. I'm not certain what that means, so stay tuned).




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