Friday, July 11, 2008

KRFC, RadioFreeColorado, celebrates 8 years of webcasting

KRFC, a founding station on Live365, began webcasting on July 11, 2000. Through yesterday, 52,000 streams have been launched with the average listener tuning in for 138 minutes. Our station page has been visited 50,890 times and total listener hours since inception exceed 119,700 hours. 1,567 people have preset KRFC as one of their favorite broadcasts on Live365, the world's largest internet radio network.

To date, KRFC has featured the work of 312 independent or emerging artists. Some had the support of small independent labels; the majority were self-produced and unsigned. These artists are the heart of KRFC.

KRFC, RadioFreeColorado, is consistenly Live365's number one rated freeform station broadcasting in lo-fi (i.e., at 16 kbps or lower). KRFC's freeform programming takes an idealistic, broad-minded approach to the worth of all types of music. KRFC welcomes, broadcasts, and supports the work of independent artists. For details on getting your music on the air, e-mail us at

Thanks to all our loyal listeners.


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